Delta Force 2 is a action shooting game created by nova-logic. This game is based on military army strategies and works. The main task of this game is become a military armed  soldier and hunt your enemy down. Players can use many real life weapons like Ak 47, M4, Sniper and many other things. There is not only soldiers, there is also military vehicles like helicopter, tanks, machine gun vehicle etc. Delta Force 2 free download is now available on p2cgames.

Bonus Game: Delta Force Xtreme 2

Players can use map to see direction and their enemy standing ground. Delta Force 2 has total 10 missions in this game. All missions will be completed after killing all enemy soldiers and vehicles. Usually this game has single players feature but some missions allow you more team mates. But stay aware, One enemy will die with just single bullet and player will too. In this way this game becomes more hard. Sniper has more range in here. You can shot any enemy even in long distance.

Delta Force 2 Free Download - Game-play 1

Download FREE full version of Delta Force 2 pc game now. It is available on all Windows Os XP/Vista/ME/95/98/2000/7/8/8.1


System Requirements: Delta Force 2 Free Download

Cpu: 1.5 GHz

Processor: Intel Pentium 4

HDisk: 256 MB

Video Memory: 32 MB

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

OS: Windows XP/Vista/ME/95/98/2000/7/8


How to Install:

1. Extract “Delta Force 2 –” .rar files.

2. Give game manual normal setup.

3. Then just double click on “deltaforce.exe”.

4. Now Play and enjoy your game.


Download Delta Force 2 Free

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