Boom Beach is a free war mobile game. It’s graphics is really great. It is another great creation by the same developer of clash of clans. Now you can direct download boom beach apk latest version for android and PC (through bluestacks in PC).


Note: If you want to download Boom Beach for PC then read the full post.


Game Playing Instruction

  • Build the ultimate beach.
  • Defend it with many defensive buildings.
  • Attack other villages and loot their resources.
  • Use this resource to upgrade your buildings and troops.


Boom Beach was released worldwide in March, 2014, just after successful release of Clash of Clans. This game was going also good just as Clash of Clans. It almost looks like the modern version of clash of clans.


Resources:  Gold, Stone, Wood and Iron

Attacking Troops: Heavy, Rifleman, Tank, Warrior, Zooka, Grenadier, Scorcher.

Defensive Buildings: Boom Canon, Mines, Normal Canon, Flamethrower, Machine Gun, Mortar, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Tower.

Head Quarter: It is the heart of the beach. The most important building to protect your full beach.

Statue: It provides additional boost to army.

Other Things: Resources buildings.


System Requirments

Minimum Android Version: 4.0+

Internet Requirment: Yes

Can It be Played in Pc? : Yes. But only through Bluestacks.

Multiplayer: Yes

Type: Freemium

Developer: Super Cell


How To Install in Android?

  • Download the full game from here.
  • Install the full package.
  • Now you can play and enjoy the game.


Is This Game Can Be Played in PC?

Yes. But you can only play it through Bluestacks App Player (Android Emulator). Other android emulator is also supported.


How to Download Boom Beach For PC and Play?

  1. First Download Bluestacks App Player (Emulator) on your pc.
  2. Download Boom Beach Apk File for android from here.
  3. After download, open it through bluestacks.
  4. Install and open it.

Now you can even play this android game in your PC.


Download Boom Beach Apk Latest Version For Android


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