Flappy Bird another game for your boring time. It will make you happy no matters what ? but please be cool while playing. ? Cause sometime it can make your temper high. Now you can download flappy bird apk for android & PC or even play it online.


Game Playing Instruction

  • Pass through the space between pipes.
  • The more pipes you pass the more point you get. Now score highest than everyone.


Flappy Bird was first released in 2013 on iOS devices. Then after few months in January, 2014 it released in android mobiles. Sudden popularity in app store made the game most popular and downloaded game of 2014. All gamer was enjoying the game.


Suddenly developer made a decision to take down the app store and google play. Some people says he had to remove the app because Flappy Bird was similar to Mario of Nintendo. But developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen said Flappy Bird was only removed because of addictive behavior.


This was developed to help people pass their free time in easy mood. But it was more interesting because of its different levels and difficulty. And then it become the main reason to make it addictive and it’s removal. Even developer was in it. It was troubling his sleep.


No matters what after 1 year in 2015, Flappy Bird released as Flappy Bird Family as reduced addictive and with multiplayer mode.


System Requirements

Minimum Android Version: 3.2+

Internet Requirement: No

Can It Be Played Through PC? : Yes.

Multiplayer: No

Developer: dot Gears


How to Download Flappy Bird For PC and Play?

  • Click on the download button named as “Download Flappy Bird For PC” in this page.
  • Download and install the game.
  • Now open the game and enjoy.


How to Play This Game Online?

Go to flappybird.com. Use “space bar or left mouse click” to start the game and jump with the same button. (space bar)


How To Install in Android?

  • Download the android apk game from here.
  • Install the full package and open the game.

Now you can play and enjoy the game.


Download Flappy Bird For PC

Flappy Bird APK Download For Android

Play Flappy Bird Game Online


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