The best fighting game back to 19th century. Yes, It is little fighter and guess what? It is still as much popular as before. This games supports multiplayer in PC version. That’s mean you can even play it your friends & family. No matters what, now get little fighter free download for PC and also for Android. It is available on all windows os including Windows XP/Vista/ME/7/8/10.


Game Playing Instruction

  • Use your weapons to kill enemy team.
  • Unlock new modes, weapons, missions & many more.



Requirements & Details

Cpu: 1.5 GHz

Processor: Intel Pentium 4

HDisk: 256 MB

Video Memory: 32 MB

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

OS: Windows XP/Vista/ME/95/98/2000/7/8/10


Minimum Android Version: 4.0+

Internet Requirement: No.

Can It be Played in Pc? : Yes.

Multiplayer: Yes, but only on PC.

Developer: Marti Wong

Graphics Quality: Low


In game, you will be a fighter. But not the big ones 😛 you will be little, likely “Kid Fighter”. That’s how this game got its name as little fighter. Those kids are eager to fight and you will be one of them. You will see two teams there and like every time opposite side will be bad guys. Everyone fights to the death. By killing every enemy you can get points. You can unlock many new components, weapon & mods with these points.


Little Fighter was created by Marti Wong in 1995. It was his first created game. It is pretty simple & classic. But in those times it was good. That’s why it got hit. Then developer also released more updated and improvised game as Little Fighter 2.


I would not praise it’s graphics quality. It is not much good. But as a 19th century’s game, i will give it 5 star. For it’s gaming quality on that age. Untill that time just 3.5.


Download Little Fighter 2 Game


How to Install Little Fighter

Android installation steps are so simple. Just download the apk file, open & install the apk and done.


Here is how to Install Little Fighter 1 in PC

  1. Download little fighter 1 & open “LF1.ZIP”.
  2. Install DOSBOS (dos emulator). Download it from official website of DOSBOS.
  3. Run DOSBOX. In the console Window (not the status window) of DOSBOX, type the follownig:
  4. mount d C:\LF1 [enter]
  5. d: [enter]
  6. play [enter]
  7. The game starts


Then Here is Install Guide For Little Fighter 2 For PC

  1. Download & open “LF2.ZIP”.
  2. Follow the install wizard & install the full game.
  3. Play & Enjoy.



Bonus Game: Hero Fighter X

Another Game By The Same Developer

Download Hero Fighter X APK

Hero Fighter X is more developed and upgraded. As you can see it got more excellent graphics quality than little fighter. If Little Fighter got 3.5 star rating then Hero Fighter X should get 5 star. But unfortunately it is not available for PC. It is only available in android.


This is it. Do you got all information?

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