Everyone wonders a broad application where they can find their favorite movies, serial and even musics. Isn’t it? Megabox HD is the right app for everyone of them. It is the best place to download and watch movies. Now you can download megabox hd apk app latest version for free. It is available on all android devices above v2.3 & iOS 7.0.


Download Latest Version 1.0.5


Previous old versions: It is not recommended to use old version app. But if you want you can still install old version of this app too. Here is the direct download link. Old version is 1.0.2 and file size is 1.6 MB.


  Download Old Version 1.0.3

Download Old Version 1.0.2


iOS: You need Vshare app to download it in iOS. Because it is a paid app in iOS. In this circumstance, Vshare app will help you to download megabox hd apk for free. So follow this steps to download this app for iOS. iOS includes iphone, ipod, ipad.

  • Download & install Vshare app from google playstore.
  • Open Vshare and search for “Megabox HD”.
  • Now just select & install the app.
  • Open & enjoy.


Note: If you want to install it into PC then read the full post. 

Megabox HD Movies List

Detailed Information

What is MegaBox HD Apk

Megabox HD apk is a movie downloading & streaming app. Here you can watch many movies online and even you can download those movies.


Where Can I Download This App?

There is a very misunderstanding in some Google Play Store users. Some of you may tried to find Megabox HD Apk on google play store. But you can’t find it. Am i right?

For your knowledge you should know that, Megabox HD apk is not available in google play store. Because it was not suitable with google play store terms of policy.

But no matters what, still you can download this software. Here in P2Cgames.

Watch Movies in Megabox HD Apk


How to Install

  • Download the full app from here.
  • Install the full package.
  • Now open the app.
  • The app will recommend you to install a chromecast app. If you don’t have any it will ask you to install “Mplayer Chromecast” application to your device. So just go ahead and install.
  • So now you can watch, download and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.



Some of its features are …

  • App size is very optimized as low as just 2.5 MB.
  • You can watch  many movies, Tv Shows and many more online.
  • Even you can download these videos in your device and watch those movies later.
  • All videos available in HD quality.
  • This app supports chromecast features.
  • All movies of this app has many categories such as action, adventure, comedy, documentary, animation etc.  You can watch all movies based on these categories.
  • There are 4 quality (1080p, 720p, 480p & 360p) available for all videos.
  • The app has a great handy feature. So anyone can understand it in a minute.
  • It has another great feature is it automatically chooses best quality video based on your internet speed. So you don’t need to worry about your data package.


How to Watch Videos in Megabox HD with Chromecast

3 different chromecast app is supportable with megabox hd apk. There are ….

  1. Allcast.
  2. Localcast and
  3. Mplayer Chromecast.

Just install any of these apps to play it through choromecast.


How Download, Install & Use Megabox HD Apk for PC

You need a android emulator in your PC to install megabox hd apk in PC.

1. So First Download Bluestacks for your pc. Download it from Bluestacks official website.

Download Blustacks App Player

2. Then Install bluestacks on your computer.

Install Bluestacks

3. Choose an installation directory.

Bluestacks Installation Directory

4. Follow all steps and complete the installation.

5. Add a email to Bluestacks. It will be your preferred Blustacks email.

Next Part (main)

6. Now download this app from here.

Download For PC

7. Open the app through blustacks and install the app.


How to Open Megabox HD Apk Through Bluestacks

8. Open the app. It will recommend you to install a chromecast player when you will want to watch movies.

9. So simply install “Mplayer Chromecast” app for pc.

10. Now enjoy and watch a lot of movies & tv shows.


Note: You must need “Mplayer Chromecast” application or any other chromecast app to watch videos online. If you already have it then just don’t worry or if you don’t then install it from google play store.


That’s all. Do you got what you need? Inform us. It will help us to give more guide & tips based on this app.

We always try our best to give our users the most secure download. All download links are fully checked. Like this application. If you have successfully downloaded the app ? then give a comment down below. It will encourage us to give you more games like this. Thank you all.