Iron Man game download able in P2Cgames. Taste the power of Tony Stark suits. It gives you more action & adventure than any other pc games.

The game story starts with Tony Stark, who is a great inventor &  an engineer with damn genius mind. Some traitor from afganistan kidnape tony stark to build offensive weapon. But as tony stark is damn genius, he creates a suit and then burned all his weapon that was build for terrorism.

Iron Man Game Download in Iron man flying in sky

After escaping from there he comes in city and starts to upgrading his suit. He adds high technology  Propeller, Armor & Weapon in his Iron Man suits and after that it becomes damn hot. But his electric heart power system keeps being failed every time. So he starts to build a new heart for his suit. After building the heart, he does many test on it and it works very well. Which is much better than before.

Iron Man Second mission comes in a war ground of traitors. He fights with Tanks, Buggy & Soldier, missiles and many more. After the end of the mission he fights with the boss of all those tanks. Boss had huge armor, tony starks heart system does system failure for it’s huge gun shot. With a great affort & Iron mans weapon high technology he kills the boss and wins the match.  😯

After that he goes on many mission for saving his country and earth and fighting with many different. He also destroys all his other  weapon, which was used for destroying and terror the world. Every weapon in front of iron man becomes useless. This Full Game is based on Iron Man first ever movie.

IGN has also reviewed this game as Iron Man Review. They said on their review “Iron Man is being very popular for it’s controls and strategical way of gaming”. So gamers can easily understand that how this game is still popular even now even it was released more than 5 years ago.

Iron Man Free Download - Energy Power Weapon Mode oF Iron Man

So Why Download This Game

  • Because it has higher HD graphics gameplay.
  • Don’t needs higher system requirments.
  • Small Game Size & Highly Compressed (Just 206 MB)


System Requirements Of Iron Man Game Download : 

Cpu & Processor: 1.8 GHz, Intel Dual Core

HDisk: 4 GB+

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

OS: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10

Essaintial Software: DirectX & Microsoft C++

Iron Man Game Free Download - Iron Man in Action

How to Install Iron Man Game:

  • Go where you have download the game.
  • Extract “Iron Man –”
  • Install “vcredist_x64.exe” for 64 Bit Windows
  • Or install “vcredist_x86.exe” for 32 bit Windows, as microsoft C++. If You want you can download it from Microsoft Official Download Page.
  • Then open Iron Man Folder. Open “setup.bat” setup & register full game.
  • Now open game launcher and launch the game. Register this game to firewall.
    Now you are ready to play !!!



How To Download This Iron Game:

  • Click on Download in This page.
  • Scroll Down in download page (Some times you will need to go much lower) because of file details.
  • After scrolling you will see a download button in the bottom of the page. Click On The Download Button.


      Iron Man Game Download

Download & Play

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