Jurassic Park Operation Genesis is an adventure build and simulation type game. The main target of the game is to build a high quality park with an amazing look. You have to build many types of building, roads and also amusement building for visitors. Especially foods, restrooms and many attraction. Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Download has already crossed over 1 million last year.

Wait, wait. You are game is not over yet. You can do many more stuffs too. Find and discover many kind of fossils, mysteries of the island. Watch towers, balloon towers and many more defensive building is also required for security purpose.

And Most of all, The best thing of this game is you have the ability to to discover and make dinosaurs. You can discover many dinosaurs. Like T.Rex, Saurischia, Camarasaurus and many more.

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Screenshot 1

So quickly free download Jurassic Park Operation Genesis for your pc from direct download link. It is available on all Windows OS xp/vista/ME/98/2000/7/8/10.


Why Download This Game:

  • Don’t need too much higher system requirments.
  • It doesn’t require GPU.
  • Available for all windows.
  • Small file size (only 80 MB)


System Requirements: Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Download

Cpu & Processor: 1 GHz

HDisk: 64 GB+

OS: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Screenshot 2

How To Install Jurassic Park Operation Genesis:

  • Go where you have downloaded the game.
  • Extract “Jurassic Park Operation Genesis – P2Cgames.com”
  • Open “JurassicParkOG.exe” then Play and enjoy.


How To Download Jurassic Park Operation Genesis:

  • Click On Download in This Page.
  • Then click on “Download Here [80.1 MB] & click on “Click Here To Download”.
  • Now your download will start automatically.



Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Download

Download & Play


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