Diablo is an action slashing sword game. It is the most selling game in 2001. In this game player can become a warrior. Target is to kill the rogue. Warrior can be wizard, which is also called sorcerer. After high training and more spells, items can

Virtual Villagers 1

Virtual Villagers is a village simulator game. This game’s main task is to build a complete village with all social opportunities. It is full of puzzle+adventure game. Someone can get addicted too. But that is personal matter. In the beginning of the game, some people comes

Barbie Horse Adventures 2

Barbie Horse Adventures Mystery Ride game is an adventure puzzle game which is specialy made for Girls. It is the 2nd edition of Barbie Horse Adventures series and the first game that was available in 3D. In this game players take the role of Barbie.

Delta Force 2

Delta Force 2 is a action shooting game created by nova-logic. This game is based on military army strategies and work.

Line Of Sight Vietnam

Line Of Sight Vietnam is a sniper action & adventure game. It is known as most difficult shooting sniper game. This gameplay places are mostly in villages and jungle. It has different levels, the higher you go more difficult it becomes. There is mini pistol,

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is the most popular adventure game of PopCap Games. Here player have to defend their brains from zombies by planting many plants.  There are many types of plants with different capabilities. Some plants are defensive and some are offensive. Those plants will

Air Strike 3D

Air Strike 3d is an action helicopter shooting game. It has many different levels of playing. Higher levels are more difficult then before. It has a great graphics quality. It has more facilities. Players can move the helicopter with mouse too. That is a extra quality

Metal Slug 5

Metal Slug 5 is an arcade fighting game. It is also an adventure game too. Because it has many levels of gaming. A lot more stuff added in metal slug 5 than Metal Slug 4. The predecessor problem of Metal Slug 4 is not in