Secret, Secret, A secret behind all of this and the biggest question of all, Can I Play Android Games on PC or Laptop? & The answer is Yes, absolutely. Very easily just in 1 minute & The Best part? It is totally free.


Here take a look at total 6 ways to play any kind of android games on your PC.


The first one is the easiest way. It is Bluestacks.


1. Bluestacks

The best and easiest way to play android games on PC is Bluestacks. This 310 MB sized program can hold every android games on the internet. It works like an android emulator. That’s mean it creates a mirror version of Android on your PC. So that you can use it on your PC.



Setting up the app player takes few minutes after installation.

In Short Answer, Steps Are: Download → Install → Open Bluestacks → Search For Games → Install → Play 😀

Now, Let’s go detail.


1. First, you will need to download Bluestacks. It is your first task. Download it from here. (from the official website of bluestacks)


Download Bluestacks


Installing Bluestacks

2. Then go to your download directory. Find the file named as “BlueStacks2_Native.exe”.

The name sounds familiar, right? Yes, because you have just downloaded it. -_-


3. Now open this blah blah “Bluestacks2_Native.exe” file. The install wizard of Bluestacks App Player will start after that. Follow the all install wizard steps and install the program.

If you can’t figure out install wizard then follow 3.1 & 3.2. It is dedicated to the beginners.

3.1. Simple things. Click on Next. Accept the TOS of Bluestacks.

3.2. Choose your installation directory. Better to choose the drive that has bigger free disk size (at least 4GB). Now click on next. and Wait for the installation progress bar completion.

After that, you will see “Install is Complete” dialogue box. So we have very easily done the installation.


Are you getting all steps till now?? It is very easy. ?


Now, Our Final Steps – How You Can Install Your Favourite Games in Bluestacks?

Yeah, we are here just for that.

4. Open Bluestacks App Player. It will ask for your preferred email address.

Use your email or create one Gmail at there & login into Bluestacks. (Totally Safe)


5. Now the final step.  Type your desired game name on the search box. As an example let’s type “Clash of Clans“. The search result will take you to Google Play Store’s “Clash of Clans” page via Bluestacks.


6. Click on install. (Just like you used to click on install in Google Play Store on Your Android)


Great. Now you will see Clash of Clans is installed on Bluestacks. Now open the game & play 😀

Like that you can install any Android App on Bluestacks and play.


Special Case: In different case, if you have a game on your PC that is not available in Google Play Store. But you want that in Bluestacks.

Then, Is it possible to play it through Bluestacks?

The answer is absolutely, yes.

Just open the apk game through bluestacks and install it. Then you can easily play it.

Install Any APK File From Your PC

Just Like That You Can Install Any APK


APK Will Be Installed After That


Main app player is totally free that’s why it shows ads sometimes (Because they need something to keep up this support) But they also support ad-free version. Ad-free version is only 2$/month only.



Oh my god man! That was too long I think. You must be bored. But wait


That’s not all

In case the first way being tough for you or you are having some kind error while this setup. (Just Imagine) Then our 2nd way is Andy.  (Don’t forget to let us know the problem in the comment. We will try our best to solve it.)



2. Andy (Android Emulator)

According to specifications, Andy has much more rating than Bluestacks. Just because it is not very popular like Bluestacks, it is listed in our number two ranking. (Another i would have promoted Andy to Number 1).



Andy is totally FREE just like Bluestacks.


What does Andy do?

It does the same work than any other android emulators. It mirrors android and portraits android in your PC.


Best Part? (Also Specialty)

Only one thing that makes Andy different from any other emulators. That is,

Andy gives you the power to use your android as a remote control while playing games in PC. This gives you full control while playing games.


Even Andy got better and higher graphics quality than Bluestacks or any other android emulator.


Downloading Andy

  1. Go to the official website of Andy. (
  2. Click on the download situated on the menu.
  3. The download will start automatically after that. (1.2 MB size)


Download Andy


How to Install

  1. It is almost like bluestacks. Just follow normal steps.
  2. Connect a preferred Gmail to your Andy-Droid.
  3. Search for your favorite games.
  4. Install & Play 😀


Simply done. Ok, then let’s see our next way.



3. Memu

Oh! I was so confused while making this list. Memu is also one of the best as Bluestacks & Andy. It is beautifully graphically designed.  Especially it’s comfortableness makes it one of our Top 3 android emulator.



This is the Memu’s features:

  1. Highest performance. (Up to 90% focused on games)
  2. Fully compatible with every device. Including All Windows Version/Mac/Laptop Or PC.
  3. Gives the best experience while playing with keyboard, mouse or even joystick in a much bigger screen.


Best Part? (Also Specialty)

Memu’s best specialty is it supports using multiple games at the same time. That’s how you can easily use multiple games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go at the same time.

Even you can play your two Clash of Clans account at once. Isn’t that great?


Price: Totally Free.


Download Memu


4. Genymotion – (Bluestacks Alternative)

Another nice android emulator. You can easily play android games in it from your PC & laptop or even mac. All windows & mac are supported. It is a nice alternative to Bluestacks.



Basically, Genymotion is a premium program. But they give it totally Free for Personal Use. That’s mean until you are using it for your personal it’s totally free.


Genymotion gives almost the same features of Bluestacks.

  • It never lags.
  • Every possible feature of an android (except calling & texting)
  • Supports google play store, mobogenie, and every other app store.
  • Totally FREE for personal use.


Price: Free for personal use.


Download Genymotion



5. Official Softwares of Google to Play Android Games in PC/Laptop/Mac

Google made their official android emulators “Android SDK” & “Android Live”. Not actually only for playing android games on PC. Mainly in order to support mobile app developers. From this software, app developers can know actually how their apps look like on Android.


While it is mainly focused for developers we can also take advantage of it. As it is an android emulator, we can play android games easily.


5.1. Live Android – Only For 32 Bit Windows

Live-android is the first Google’s Android emulator software. It was released based on x86 operating systems. That means only for 32-bit version platforms. (64 bit not supported)



It is the simplest android emulator. With no extra features and only what you need.


That’s why some games are not supported in this software.


Download Live Android


5.2. Android Studio

Android Studio is the next version of Live Android. Built in with more improvised features and compatibility.

This version of Google’s Android emulator is supported by both x64 and x86 platforms.



HowtoGeek gave a great installation guide on that, Here is that guide.


Download Memuplay


No matters what, i would suggest you better to not use Android SDK or Android Live. Because i have heard from many users of these softwares that sometimes lags and even it is tough to use. It is just a backup. Just an alternative.


Now our last way to play android games on PC. I have stored the most unique way for this.


Prepare For The Last One

Probably until now you have guessed that main way to play games on PC is Android Emulator. Only you have to choose the best one.

But this time we will not talk about the android emulator. This time a little bit different way. Here comes our way number 6.



6. Without Any Android Emulator

Google has recently officially released a browser extension to Google Chrome named as “ARC Welder”. Here is that official announcement of Google, “Getting Started with Arc“.


Now The Question is What is This Extension & What It Does?

It makes your Google Chrome compatible with Android Application Package (APK) files. That’s mean after installing that you can play android games easily. Here is the tutorial video.




Just there is one problem & that is the major. Arc Welder doesn’t support every games or apps. Mostly those ones which need high graphics resolution & quality.


Install Arc Welder Google Chrome Extension


That’s It

That was all our 6 ways to play android games on PC/Laptop/Mac/Windows, where ever you want.

Enjoyed this? Did you get any help?

Are you playing android games on your PC right now?


Let all know. There is many people like you were just looking for this answers.

Feel free to comment. Commenting doesn’t cost? Sometimes you have to remove your cloak and express yourself.