1st of all I want to tell you if you are a gamer you must know that nowadays people love to play action games. So, we made a great list which will give you full of enjoyment after playing and also for your kind information I am also a gamer.


So now I am going to give you the greatest list of all time, which is mostly liked by the gamers from all over the world.


10- Gta Vice City

This is a one of the greatest role playing games which were released in October 2002, but I was the one who played this in 2005. However after playing this, I have seen there is no competition with this game in entertaining like chasing cars beating police and many other great features. It was developed and publish by rockstar north they are well knows famous for making such games.


9- Dark Souls 2

It is also an action role playing games which is much popular because of its story-line and all other features are also awesome. It was developed by Japanese software team fromsoftware they also made many other great games, but this is one the best series by them. The graphics are better than its 1st part which was also very cool and great, but this time they rocks.


8- Call Of Duty 1

Call of duty based on war action game in this series you have to go to different areas and do all tasks which are leading by your senior officers. It was released in 2003 developed by infinity ward they made all of it series becomes the greatest gaming developers you can also play this game online.


7- Gta San Andreas

Gta san andreas is the game, which you can say best action game of all time because there are many reasons it must be in the list. The enjoyment i had ever seen in my life is samp so do you know? What is samp so answer is playing gta san andreas through multiplayer direct from your computer is called samp.


6- The Last Of US

It was released in 2013 it was developed by naught dog company, but publish by Sony computers so the great thing about this game is it is also played by people in top of the list.


5- Gta IV

If you are gta lover so I want to inform you on our list gta 4 is at the number four all of the games in the list are not our list we have selected it from huge gaming communities where people told about different reviews.


4- Mass Effect 2
Mass effects 2 is also an action game, which is liked by gaming fans too much it is developed by Bioware well-known popular game developing company. It was released in 2010 i had also played this and I rate it 9 out of 10.


3- Batman Arkham City

It was developed by rocksteady studio, but publish warner bros as we know that warner bros in the world biggest company they only publish this game because they see its great features and story-line so that is why I put this in the list.


2- Red Dead Redemption
It is developed by Rockstar San Diego, but it is published by rockstar games they both are the same, but it about different teams.


1- Gta V

Gta is number one in the there are many reasons behind this the top one reason is that its all previous version made too much business, but this time they become more advance that is why it is loved by people too much. Now its dream of every new and old gamer to play gta 5 once in his life because they have introduced many new features also graphics are better than all previous versions.