Everyone wants some games that requires Zero graphics configuration. So that it could be played in any kind of computer. In the mean time, those games also got the highest quality than any other top rated games. There should be a place where we can get all of this. Yeah, that is what we are discussing about. It is Facebook, the official Facebook game Center. It got big collection games. But how do you know which game is worthy of your time? That’s why you are here to know about all top rated best facebook games of all time across full game center.


Facebook is growing extremely fast. Starting from just thousand of people, now almost 16% of people in world use Facebook. As a social media platform, They are trying their best to make Facebook more perfect. Because facebook is for everyone. That’s why they also added games zone named as “Facebook Game Room”.


So why wasting time? Let’s start our countdown.

We are not following popularity. We are counting them based on their quality & entertainment.


1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle type game. This game is the most played game in Facebook. I have seen an average of 4 out of 1 facebook game player plays candy crush saga. It got superior graphics quality and the best thing is it is also available on even android & iOS. It is the “Best Facebook Pool Game“.

  • Solve candy puzzle.
  • Create rows & columns of with atleast 3 same type candy.
  • Get the targeted point and pass the level.



There is almost 2000 levels in Candy Crush Saga. Can you pass all level? I had done highest 63. 😛



2. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool got the highest number of players of pool. Here you can play pool in single or multiplayer mode to play pool. It got the same rules of the real life game. It is the “Best Facebook Pool Game“.

  • Play Pool in Single or Multiplayer Mode.
  • Win prizes. Unlock new components.


Play 8 Ball Pool Facebook Online Game



3. FarmVille 2

Farmville 2 is the “Best Facebook Farming Game“. Very addicting, fun and a game that you can never leave.

  • Harvest crop, fruit, vegetables and many more.
  • Farm pets. Get egg from them milk.
  • Sell farm stuffs.


Farmvillie 2 Gameplay



4. War Commander

War, Action, Adventure everything is present this game. It is very addicting. Since 5 years it has developed itself a lot.

  • Attack Other Players.
  • Defend your base for many defensive wave to earn prizes.
  • Unlock many different troops and vehicle.
  • Participate in special events to earn new exclusive troops.


War Commander Gameplay Level 35


Best Part?

War Commander creates a special event every month. On those events you can win many new prizes. Every events has a new powerful troop. All you have to do is defend your base against enemies and attacking rogue bases. Then just claim your prize.



5. Criminal Case

Another one of the best facebook games on puzzle. Not just only best the very popular one. I will say it is much more for young people rather than Candy Crush.

  1. Solve mysterious murder case by finding important evidence.
  2. Arrest killers.
  3. Unlock many new components and skill.


Criminal Case Gameplay



Is This All Best Facebook Games?

Yes. All of this games increasing Facebook Game Zone popularity by huge number. Right now above 251 milion facebook users are playing  facebook games.